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July 21-24, 2023

Experience Kaleo

As a college student, each summer is an amazing opportunity to invest in yourself. Over the course of four days, Kaleo aims to help you do that! Whether it’s timeless truths that will grow your character, practical skills for life after college, or tools and vision to live out your faith, Kaleo is designed to help you maximize the life God has called you to live.

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2nd year UP

"Ever since I heard about Kaleo, I have held a strong desire to join because I want to meet and grow with others... I believe this program will provide the necessary tools and experiences to help me become equipped as a leader and make a meaningful impact on my campus, community, and beyond."



USJR Graduate

“Lingaw, nindot og maayu kaayu akong experience sa Kaleo kay mugrow jud mo sa inyung pagtuo sa Ginoo og mas makaila pa niya pina-agi sa mga talks sa lain-lain nga speakers, og intentional ang oras nga inyung buhaton sa Kaleo”



USC Graduate

"One of my favorite skills I learned at Kaleo was the “inductive bible study” method, which was a cool way to get to know Christ in a personal way alongside others."





Silliman University

Coastline. Culture. History. Hospitality.  Get ready to explore the beautiful sights of Dumaguete!


Grow in your faith

Develop your relationship with God by praying, reading, studying, and applying the Bible to your life in order to get to know God in a real way.

Grow in your character

We are often defined by our character. The desire of Kaleo is to help shape and develop your character in a way that will help serve and help influence you for the rest of your life.


Kaleo provides a number of avenues to help you continue to develop as a leader who leaves a positive impact on yourself, your family, and your community for the rest of your life. Trainings each day as well as the mentoring relationships will help you learn to care for, serve, and influence others in their faith.

Walk away from the summer with leadership skills and experience

to help you become a spiritual leader back on your campus.

What are you waiting for?

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Apply now for the summer of your life.

Initial application | Interview to follow

Thanks for submitting your registration for Kaleo 2023! You will receive more info soon, and a staff person will reach out to you for an interview in the coming weeks.

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